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Ifthe name and certificate number of some foreign colleagues in thecompany are changed, how should the natural person E-tax bureau(withholding end) operate? Some colleagues have been in and out ofthe country for several years, how to determine whether he is aresident or a non-resident when filing personal income tax? Below wehave sorted out the solutions to the related problems for yourreference.


Howto deal with the change of key information of overseas personnel?


Whenoperating in the natural person electronic tax bureau (withholdingend), all information of the person who has never submittedsuccessfully can be modified; If the application has been submittedsuccessfully, only one of the names and ID numbers of domesticpersonnel can be modified, while the names of overseas personnel canonly be modified; The modification method is the Personnel InfoCollection interface. Check the person to be modified and click toenter.



Extendedknowledge: file merging


Sincethe type, nationality (region) and number of documents are notallowed to be modified, after the relevant information of overseaspersons is changed, the withholding unit can only collect theinformation again at the withholding end to generate a new piece ofpersonnel information, and Go to the office of tax services and filebusiness. After filing, the withholding unit needs to update the fileinformation in the withholding client [ personnel informationcollection ]-[ more operations ]-[ special case processing ]-[information update ] .



Systemprompt: 「Personnel current identity information is incorrect orhave multiple identity information, you can use this function toupdate personnel information and file information.」.



Whatshould we do if the declaration of residents ↔non-residentsis unclear?


1.Residents → non-residents


Ifan individual without residence is determined to be a residentindividual in advance and cannot meet the personal conditions of theresident due to shortening the number of days of residence:


(1)A report shall be submitted to the competent tax authority within 15days from the date of failing to meet the individual conditions forresidents to the end of the year.


(2)The amount of tax payable shall be recalculated according to nonresident individuals, and the overdue tax shall not be charged. Iftax refund is required, it shall be handled in accordance with theregulations.


2.Non-residents → residents


Ifan individual without residence is determined to be a non residentindividual in advance and meets the individual conditions forresident due to the extension of his/her residence days:


Afterthe end of the year, the final settlement shall be handled inaccordance with the relevant provisions for individual residents.However, if the individual leaves the country in the current year andis expected to not enter the country within the year, he or she maychoose to handle the final settlement before leaving the country.


Whydoes the company always show that the verification of the identityinformation of the natural person fails when the withholding clientdeclares the correction of individual income tax?


If it is an employee of the company, it is confirmed that the reasonis that the name or ID card number was entered incorrectly whencollecting the personnel information of the company. You only need toclick Personnel Information Collection on the withholding client,select the person whose identity verification status is Failed,double-click to enter Personnel Information Modification, and modifythe name or ID card number on this page.



Whencollecting company personnel information, the personnel informationis entered correctly, but the verification has not been passed. Whatis the reason?


Ifyou are sure that your name and ID number are valid and correct (ifyou have not used a name) , you will need to inform the employee tobring his original ID card to the office of tax services for [special information collection ] processing.


Afterprocessing, you need to click on the client「Personnel information collection」, check theidentity of those who do not pass the authentication, select「Moreoperations」-「Authentication status update」function, gets the latest validation status.



Howto deal with the employee who fails to pass the identity verificationwhen handling the declaration at the withholding client, and thensubmits the correct identity information again and passes theverification in the way of adding new personnel. This employee hasformed multiple files?


Thiskind of situation also needs to inform the employee to bring hisoriginal ID card and the certificate of the withholding unit (needthe legal person or the financial person to sign and stamp theofficial seal of the withholding unit) to the office of tax servicesfor processing, to handle the business of natural person and file.


Afteryou go to the tax service office to complete the process, you willneed to do the following operation if you want to synchronize theinformation on the withholding client: click on the withholdingclient [personnel information collection]-[more operation], select「Special case processing」-「People file」,select the right people to obtain and file information.





Ifthe overseas personnel have collected information again and submittedit successfully when the key information such as nationality(region), identity certificate, certificate number or name haschanged, it will result in multiple sets of files for the sameperson, and the natural person shall be merged.



Atpresent, only one of the names or ID numbers may be changed, and notat the same time.